Our Tanzania Carbon Offsets & Credits Program

Tanzania is blessed with a magnitude of forestry and vegetation cover. Galo Capital’s focus is to provide turn-key solutions for Tanzania Landowners and Overseas Carbon Investors to buy and/or sell carbon offsets through a secure, transparent process.

Landowners who list their land for carbon leasing accept and commit to explicit responsibilities, including but not limited to avoiding by all means the chopping down of their trees for any reason as the trees are what the earth needs to store carbon. Galo Capital encourages landowners to adopt Regenerative Agriculture (RA) in order to maximize carbon storage. Briefly, RA is a system that cultivates and restores the health of their soil whilst protecting the climate, water resources and ecosystem.

We’re not reinventing the wheel:
Our priority is to ensure that the interests of overseas carbon investors are unconditionally protected. We source legal, fully compliant opportunities for carbon offsetting and carbon credit procurement from an existing portfolio and will ensure every process conforms to the requirements of both landowners and overseas carbon investors.

Transparency and ethics:
We all share in the faith that carbon markets are undoubtably a marvellous means for the good of Mother Earth in the fight against global warming. Indeed, this “good” is conditional on organisations operating transparently and ethically. Hence, Galo Capital ensures every transaction specifies the exact projects involved, adhering to global compliance standards, validation and other parameters, always meeting the requirements of our overseas carbon investors.

There are no compromises in following the rules and requirements to which all carbon offset projects must comply as a means of meeting the international standards of reducing carbon emissions.

If you are an overseas carbon investor, please Contact Us for more information and/or to set up a brief introduction call.

Galo Capital aims to promote and cultivate sustainability in Tanzania through ethics, collaboration and trust.
When we operate in harmony with our landowners and overseas carbon investors, we can accelerate change towards a low-carbon economy and do our part in encouraging a sustainable planet for the future of all mankind.