Our Management Team

At Galo Capital, we are living proof that "dynamite comes in small packages". Our small Management Team is results-oriented and embodies the philosophy of "less is more."

With a laser focus on delivering exceptional outcomes, our team expertly packages mining opportunities on a silver platter for investors and/or mining companies worldwide. With Galo Capital, you'll find a dedicated Management Team that thrives on efficiency, innovation, and ethical dealings.

We're here to turn your mining aspirations into reality, leaving no stone unturned as we present you with unparalleled opportunities, ready to be seized and cherished.

a man in a suit and tie sitting at a desk
a man in a suit and tie sitting at a desk
Lugembe Kahungwa

Founder / Managing Director

Meet Lugembe Kahungwa, the Founder and Managing Director of Galo Capital Limited.

With a heritage entrenched in Tanzania's mining and natural minerals for three generations, Lugembe's passion for this field is deeply ingrained. From a young age, he was immersed in the intricacies of the mining industry, and his acumen has been further enriched through advanced business education in the USA, graduating at the University of Missouri-Kansas City; Bachelor of Business Administration – Finance, and Masters of Arts in Economics.

Guided by the wisdom passed down from his late grandfather and father, Lugembe understands that success in the global arena requires a strong and united team. With multinationals eyeing Tanzania for mining opportunities, he knows the value of fostering relationships built on ethical principles and a firm handshake, upholding the tradition of honorable business practices.

As the driving force behind Galo Capital Limited, Lugembe's strategic vision and in-depth understanding of Tanzania's mineral wealth have paved the way for numerous successful ventures. His commitment to sustainable development and responsible mining practices not only ensures growth for the company but also benefits the local communities and preserves the country's natural heritage.

Lugembe Kahungwa stands at the forefront of Tanzania's mining landscape, blending tradition and innovation, integrity and ambition. Through his inspired leadership, Galo Capital continues to forge new paths, leaving a lasting legacy in the world of natural minerals and contributing to Tanzania's economic prosperity.

Les Moskovitz

Global Advisory & Business Development

Meet Leslie Moskovitz, a seasoned member of Galo Capital Limited's management team, holding the position; Global Advisory & Business Development.

With an impressive career spanning 43 years in sub-Saharan Africa, Les is a true pioneer in a wide range of business activities, leaving an indelible mark across the continent.

Throughout his journey, Les has masterfully facilitated trade and forged successful partnerships between business individuals in Africa and Overseas. His expertise extends also to providing critical in-country, litigation support, a testament to his unwavering commitment to ethics, integrity and ensuring fair and just resolutions in the business realm.

Navigating the complexities of doing successful business in Africa is where Les excels. Armed with 4+ decades of experience, he possesses an acute understanding of the region's diverse markets, cultures, and regulations, making him an invaluable asset to any enterprise seeking to thrive in this vibrant and dynamic landscape.

In the ever-evolving world of African business, Les stands as a beacon of knowledge, leadership, and unyielding dedication, playing his part to drive Galo Capital and its clients towards unprecedented growth and prosperity on this promising continent.

Advocate Seni Malimi

Legal & Compliance

Meet Advocate Seni Songwe Malimi, the esteemed legal and compliance authority behind Galo Capital Limited.

As one of the Managing Partners at the K&M (Advocates) Law Offices, renowned for their exceptional legal expertise across Tanzania and Zanzibar, Adv. Malimi plays a pivotal role in ensuring Galo Capital's operations remain in strict adherence to legal standards.

With a reputation as a highly respected Tanzania High Court Advocate and Litigator, Adv. Malimi brings unparalleled experience and insight into the intricacies of the Tanzania natural minerals and mining sectors. His profound understanding of the legal landscape empowers Galo Capital to navigate complex regulatory challenges with confidence.

The strong bond shared among Lugembe Kahungwa, Les Moskovitz, and Adv. Malimi is built on years of collaboration and mutual respect. While not an executive of Galo, Adv. Malimi's counsel is indispensable, as every decision undertaken by the company is subject to his meticulous approval to ensure legal soundness and unwavering compliance.

With Adv. Malimi as a guiding force, Galo Capital remains at the forefront of ethical and legally sound business practices in Tanzania's vibrant mining industry, upholding the company's commitment to integrity, responsibility, and sustainable growth.